Bathroom Renovations

It’s been a few months since we have made a blog post about house progress. After the major kitchen renovations you would think we had have had enough DIY, wrong.

This renovation wasn’t as planned as the rest, a leak from the shower had started to come through on the finished dining room EEK! – so we had a closer look at where it might be coming from . Turns out the bathroom we had was a real botch job, tiles over old skirting, and in the shower cubical there were tiles on top of tiles,  dodgy plumbing,making it next to impossible to find where a leak might be coming from.

There was only one clear choice – to strip the room back and start again.


Ok so it doesn’t look that bad – well it was a lot worse than the photos  suggests – these photos were the original the estate agent used to rent the property 6 years ago, we saved them when we bought the place – look at the photos and add 6 years of use!

In progress:


There is still some finishing off to do, but we are almost there.

Kitchen Renovation Update 2

Another picture heavy update but progress has been fast so haven’t had much time to write anything too creative.

As you can see an old picture of the original kitchen – not to shabby, but if you scratched the surface you would discover a lot more problems.

We are a few jobs away from the end!

  1. Paint and Fit Skirting
  2. Fit Pelmet
  3. Wall tiles
  4. Cut Worktop
  5. Finish Worktop
  6. Under Cabinet Lighting
  7. Extractor Fan Ducting
  8. Extractor Fan Fly Over Shelf

New Double Glazing for the Dormer

The master bedroom was one of the coldest rooms in the house – this might be down to its construction, but a large part was down to the windows.

They were drafty and the glazing panel, even though a double, was very thin.

The other thing that was an issue was they were made from wood. This wood had peeled in the sun and rotted in the rain and was very hard to maintain.

I was dreading the price of replacing these but found an excellent contractor who provided a great price. James from ADG had no problems with the design we wanted.

I know some of you must be thinking why would you get rid of those lovely french doors, but they were extremely cold and literally led no where! They also opened inwards and took up valuable space in the room.

Overall we think its a huge transformation to the back of the house and does make it a lot more straightforward to maintain. It also lets a lot more light in and gives us an un-barred view of the park!

James and his team did a fantastic job, and I would highly recommend his work.

Kitchen Renovation Update 1

This is going to be a picture heavy update – I don’t have enough time to write a story on all the progress, because there has been so much.

Rafters extended to accommodate 100mm insulation and lighting wiring done:

Kitchen arrived and I think the cat likes the new tap:

Stud wall constructed, insulated and plumbing done:

Plaster boarded ceiling and stud wall:

And while all that hard work was going on, some little guy was taking it easy….

2014-11-03 17.29.56-5

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